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Sunday, July 27, 2008

current projects

I've been knitting on a pair of cotton socks for my mom. They're turning out really well considering the fact that I'm not in love with the yarn. I got it years ago and never used it, but it actually works up really well. Not a bad color at all. These are my first priority right now and I work on these at work mostly. For this pair, just to keep things fresh, I used a traditional heel flap heel, and worked a short row toe and grafted the top of the foot closed. I hope that they soften up after a good soak because right now I'm not impressed with cotton sock yarn.
As far as my Petticoat socks go, I didn't bother to fully read the pattern and now I know that the size issue I've been battling is that I'm not hitting gauge. I was supposed to be using a 2.75mm needle but I wasn't, so I hope that this next go works out really well.
I talked to my Grandma this week, and I realized that she needs something special knit from me. I've never made her anything and I decided that after a life of such hard work and practicality, she needs something totally impractical for everyday use. So I'm knitting the Zetor Scarf out of my 100% silk Socks That Rock Silk Thread. Grandma is sensitive to most forms of wool and she's living in Nevada now so alpaca is really out of the question. It's a small sacrifice to make for Grandma. I hope this pattern works out because right now it seems a lot looser that I'd like but I'm going to remain hopeful.

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