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Friday, August 8, 2008

Whispering Pines, Completed

so, yesterday i cast off the whispering pines shawl from Knitspot.com and blocked it for my friend Heather. she's attending a wedding today and wanted a shawl to "cover the arm fat", as all women want to do, and asked me to knit this for her about a week ago. yes you heard me correctly... a week ago. so we ordered the pattern and i knit it every day for the last week, trying to complete one chart every day and hoping that it would be bit enough for her to wear today. i was planning to have her take it and wear it, then give it back and let me cast back on to finish it after. then i realized that she's only 4' 11" and that the full sized shawl would dwarf her, so we both decided to stop at chart G and just leave it. it's all snow flakes, no trees. but it's still beautiful, and i loved the Zepher yarn. i will post photos when i get home. (i actually took them this time.)
now! it's time for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and for me to get started on the unfinished olympics. i'm going to pick up linda's shawl again to see if i can bang this out over the next 16 days, plus i also have my mom's socks back in hand too. they're back as my work knitting project. i'm so excited for the olympics!! i can't wait for track and field.

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