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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today i finished the Lambertson mitts. i'm going to need to have them test knit before i can put the pattern up, but i'm pleased with them. they've drawn some attention from the ladies at work, one of whom is looking to buy them. i have to cast on soon for my Wilson's and Jones' mitts.
i'm also knitting another Shedir out of ultra alpaca in a beautiful red color for Samantha. she's asked for a hat and i really liked this pattern so i'm making it again. dante will be getting one in navy blue as well. and then on top of my knitting overload is the Gothic Temptress pattern that i'm knitting right now as well. as soon as i've finished the hat, i'll be splitting my time between the socks at work and the mitts at home.
on the home front, i had some excitement when Dante came home from X-country practice with a badly swollen left middle finger. i took him to the pediatrician today and he had x-rays. no broken bones, but its got a bad sprang and has to be splinted for the next few days. the doctor found if very funny that i knew exactly where the urgent care/ x-ray center was. i thought it was funnier because i knew where it was due to my own clumsieness. i guess he got it from me.

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