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Sunday, October 19, 2008

return to knitting

it's been so long since i've taken the time to post to my blog (as noted by my mother) but i have been a bit distracted with reading the Twilight Saga, and knitting for my little guy. Alex has a new hat and a new pair of socks, and i'm working on wrist warmers for our new Sister Missionary trio. i'm designing the pattern for the first pair on my own using excel and word to map out the pattern as i go. i've found that excel has been really handy while i've been trying to work out the gusset and i think i've finally nailed it! i'm doing the set of three in dark brown and tan stranded knitting so i really need to chart out the thumb gusset ahead of time. i might use the same pattern for the gusset for all three pairs, but i plan to have the pattern on the body vary a bit so that they can tell them apart, but they won't be so different from each other. i want them to have something to remember their time in Rhode Island by, and it's unusual for there to be three paired up so i figured i'd work the mitts as if they were tripplets. a funny fact... there are only 9 sisters serving a mission in the entire RI stake, and we have 1/3 of them. :)


  1. Dang that Stephenie Meyer! She is constantly stealing everyone's time away.

  2. You're taking good care of those sister missionaries! Good job! -- Kristen W's mom