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Sunday, November 2, 2008

cabled mitts

i finished the cabled mitts for Penny this weekend and have started working on a pattern for a pair or argyle mitts for my next coworker. it's been fun because i've had a chance to play with patterns and stitches that i've not used before and my coworkers are so happy to have warm hands that they've all been happy to wear them. i don't give them an option of what they want in the mitts. i only ask them if they have any colors that they don't like and work from there.
these mitts were fun because they were knit with worsted weight alpaca on 4.5mm needles so they were lightening fast! they're hanging over the baby gate right now drying for tomorrow. i know that Penny will be very happy with them. Maria is going to flip when she sees her argyle mitts.

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