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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lesson learned this week. if the box says quick kit, it will take at least 4 days to complete.
Dante and i worked on a ginger bread house last week. we started off bad when we opened the box and every piece except for 2 side walls were broken. it took a large amount of the included icing to glue them back together and by the time we were finished, there just wasn't enough to attach the roof. i had to make royal icing and attach the roof, and then we used the rest to put on the rest of the candy. my icing is tan compared to the icing that came with the box. i used the recipe from the food network but i think i put too much vanilla in and i had to add almost a full cup of additional powdered sugar to get the right consistency. anyway, i've been knitting christmas gifts that were commissioned so i haven't had time to even put up our tree, and Aaron's burning the candle at both ends to try to complete projects for school. this is hopefully his last 2 weeks of school and he'll be graduating with an associates in Web Design. Dante's progress report comes out on Wednesday and if we're lucky (he has been working very hard) he brought up his math grade and he can buy the video game he wants with the money we earned for raising the second highest amount of money for the school PTA with the Yankee Candle order. almost $600 bucks! I have an elephant and his mitts to knit before Christmas. that's 10 days. can i do it? here's the blasted house, enjoy.

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