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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

jana's gloves in progress

i'm really loving this pair. i'm not a big fan of gray but the tweed is really lovely. i've been working these without a pattern, just using my gauge and tape measure to figure out how many stitches i'll need for each finger. i finished the first glove yesterday and it's really nice...very understated.
when i brought the glove in progress down to Jana's department and forced her to try it on, one of her employees fell for them and if i'm not careful i'll be knitting gloves for the entire fulfillment department of my bank. i'm still making hand warmers but right now i don't have any of the colors that have been requested and i need to place an order. so in the mean time, i'm working on items that need to be done by the holidays. i have a pair of silk/merino mitts for Heather, socks for Jana and for Porreca's sister, and mitts for Natalie's sister.