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Thursday, December 4, 2008

holiday mitts part 1

I finished the first of the mitts that my friend Natalie commissioned from me yesterday. this pair was knit with Flat Feet and Knitpicks Bare Merino on 3.0mm circular needles using the magic loop. they took just under a week. i really had fun with this pattern. it reminded me of a leopard print in rainbow colors. the only issue i have with them is that when i went to wash the mitts, the hand painted yarn bleed as soon as it hit the water and the Bare sucked the dye right in so the finished result was a pink mitt. it's very pretty but not what i intended. i think that i expected the dye to have been set in the Flat Feet yarn and it wasn't. i also didn't really enjoy knitting straight from the flat because the stitches were crimped and it gave a really uneven tension to my knitting that soaking almost couldn't fix. IF i use this yarn again, i'll rip it back, wind the yarn into a hank and soak it, and then hang it so that it'll straighten out.