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Friday, January 16, 2009

1st wave

today was a difficult day all over. i came in to work to find that after a 3 day struggle, my fish finally died. i prayed over it really hard the 1st day and he recovered nicely, was really peppy the next day and back to near death on the 3rd. he fought really hard.
today we also had the 1st wave of the layoffs, and even though i still have my job tonight, i had to watch as several people i have worked with for years were quietly led out of the building, not to return. we lost one of the agents in my department. we lost one of our sales managers, one sales agent, a fulfillment agent, an email/quality agent, and a customer service manager. i left at noon to go to Dante's school for a review of his IEP and i'm sure that several of my coworkers probably thought that i was let go as well after i wasn't in the building when it was all over.
the IEP meeting was good but it further enforced our opinions that his math teacher is an old stick in the mud and set in his old ways. he doesn't get it. so i'm going to have to hold his hand and force him to express himself in ways that dante can understand. he just talks to the kids and expects them all to understand him. he doesn't change his delivery if a child doesn't understand him, and blames it on the child. so now i have to be all over it. but at least the english grade came up and he is no longer in danger of failing.
i went to the chiropractor today for the 2nd time this week. my neck and back were so bad that my hands and arms are going numb and tingling just like the normal symptoms of carpel tunnel. tonight was the first day all week that i could knit at all, and do so with minimal discomfort. Aaron's gloves are still unfinished and the weather had been bitterly cold out here the last few days with highs in the teens and lows in the single digits. when we all went to head out the the meeting today, i had my hand warmers and mittens, alex had his hat and mittens, and aaron had bare hands. his sweater is on hold until after i get his other glove done.

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  1. I managed to avoid surgery on my hands by wearing those highly attractive support gloves. One day I'd wear the gloves and then one day I'd wear just a wrist support thing and then I'd wear a sling on the weekend. Google it and see what all you can do to avert surgery (which is nothing--a tons of people at my work have had it but not me. We were all working on our MA and typing all day at work,too. Too much for our dainty little hands.)