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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anniversary sweater is on

i got my order from Elann.com yesterday. i ordered 15 balls of superwash merino yarn, worsted weight in black. Aaron has a favorite sweater from Gap that is too short for him so i'm using the raglan generator that i found on Ravelry to knit him another sweater. i took his measurements yesterday and cast right on. it seems easy enough for now. it's knit from the top down, my first sweater constructed this way and i'll have to see if i can finish it before February 5th.
the sites i searched on the internet said that the traditional gift on a 5th anniversary is wood. what do you buy your husband in this modern time that's made out of wood (that he'll actually like)?? so the sweater will have to do and i hope he likes it because if not i'll be less than happy. My hands have been hurting and swollen lately and i haven't been able to do much knitting so this sweater will require a sacrifice of both my time and the well being of my hands.

Fitness update:
weight this morning: 194.8
no gym today, trying to remember to observe the Sabbath and avoid the gym on my given day of rest. i did work my back and abs on Thursday till i could hardly move. didn't get to the gym Saturday due to the threat of inclement weather.


  1. I've never heard of the raglan generator on Ravelry. Did you find it for sale there? Or is it part of the Ravelry site? I'll go hunt around there! What is your Ravelry name, Cambria?


  2. On Ravelry, I found a raglan generator by Knitting Fool, for a top-down pattern. Another by the Knitting Fiend isn't top-down. The first by Knitting Fool concerns me because there's no allowance for our necks being lower in the front than in the back. It seems like it would be quite uncomfortable.... I've used top down patterns from "Knitting Pure and Simple" that have more rows around the back of the neck than around the front, but they're just written for one guage. Perhaps for mine, I'll use the numbers from Knitting Fool, but method from "Knitting Pure and Simple". Top down sweaters are fun to knit, and fast -- no seams to sew, and he can try it on along the way -- or is it a surprise? Good luck!