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Sunday, February 15, 2009

the Chose The Right dishcloth

today i was granted access as a designer on Ravelry, and so i've added my chart for the CTR dishcloth to the patterns page. it's been an immediate hit! someone has even added it to their que. my original intention for it was to teach dishcloth knitting this Saturday to some of the sisters in the ward (which i will be doing at about 1pm if anyone is close by and interested in coming over), but i figured i'd add it to the database because i was just surprised that with as many LDS knitters and groups as there are on Ravelry, no one had designed one yet. so now as of a few minutes ago the pattern had only been up for a few hours and already it's been que'd, favorited and commented on. so if anyone is interested in the chart, here it is.

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