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Friday, February 6, 2009

finished objects and armor man

there has been knitting progress over here, but i've been too wrapped up with other things to have time to post. i've enrolled in Kaplan University to finish my Bachelors of Science in Psychology with emphasis in Child Development. i start classes on 2/25 and this term i'll be taking Academic Strategies for the Psychology Professional, and Contemporary Theories in Psychology. i can't wait to get started. work has been tough now that Banco Santander has officially taken over. we've had a sharp increase in our switch customer volume, and Santander has instituted a zero overtime policy. that means that we can get our jobs done correctly and work for free to do it... or we can leave when we are supposed to leave and let our work pile up. not a very good choice. i'm hoping that things will slow down a little bit so that we can get back to business as usual.
i had the sister missionaries over a week ago for a family home evening activity and they decided to give a talk about the armor of God. they had the greatest props and Dante got to put on the armor of God as they read the scripture. he became known as "Armor Man". in his primary class they made an armor man and the kids wouldn't let them take it down so it was really funny that now dante is armor man.
while they were over i went through all my best yarn (there was a lot of it!) and while doing so i found my Topsecret that i'd started about 5 years ago. i quit working on it because i was running out of yarn and i thought that i was only half way through the 2nd sleeve. when they were over i pulled it completely out of the basket and discovered that i had already knit 2 sleeves and was half way though the 3rd! so no wonder i was running out of yarn. anyway i ripped back the 3rd sleeve and made the body longer than the pattern originally called for. i know now that i need my sweaters to measure at least 21 inches from the under arm for them to fit as i like, and the sleeves should be 22 inches from the under arm. so after going back and making sure that my sleeves and the body met these measurements, i worked on the yoke as written up to the 2nd decrease section. then i worked until the join measured 6 inches instead of 7.5 and then worked a row of K2, K2tog, and then a row of K1, K2tog and cast off. i didn't have enough to work the turtle neck and when i tried it on i realized that i liked it better without the turtle neck. this is one of the only knits that i started before getting pregnant with alex that fits well now that i've finally finished it. everything else was knit for a size medium and i am now a large. So, now to finish Aaron's sweater.

1 comment:

  1. I love the Armor Man! Your son is very handsome.

    So is your finished sweater -- what a happy discovery that 3rd sleeve was!