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Thursday, February 12, 2009

things babies say

tonight alex dropped a plastic box full of hot wheels right on his toe just before bed. he cried for a while and then i put him happily to bed. almost three hours later he woke up crying. i went up to calm him down and took off his hoodie to help him cool down. he lifted his leg and i had to kiss his foot. then after i thought i'd got him calmed down i started to leave and he said "Owwh!, my knee!" (he was referring to his foot.) i gave him some children's Tylenol and tucked him back in again and left. half an hour later i hear him crying again calling for me. "Mommy!" "Mommy!". he really knows how to tug at the heart strings. i tried to ignore him and hope that he'd go back to sleep but he just go louder. so i go up and as soon as i open the door he said "Mommy! My Binky is gone! I can't find it! It's somewhere!" (somewhere is alex-code for i have no idea where it is.) i had to fight not to crack up. he was so serious and just beside himself. i told him to calm down and that we'd look for it. i moved everything in the crib and found it hiding under a blanket. after he got it back, and his blankie, i cuddled him in my lap for a little bit and he handed me his foot again for more kisses. he must have dropped the box right on his big toe because i moved his little baby toes and squeezed them all and he jumped when i squeezed the big toe. now i have to see if its any better in the morning and if not i need to take him up to the doctor to have that little big toe looked at.
haha, "Mommy, my Binky is gone!"... priceless.

2/13/09 Edited:
he has a nice bruse on the big toe, covering half of his nail and the cuticle, but he can walk just fine on it so i don't think anything is broken.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! I love the things little kids say too. Jaydon just started trying to say his own name - "nun". I hope the toe feels better soon!