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Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 Basket-O-Shame along

I've joined the Basket O Shame along over here and I had to declare my unfinished objects. It's a painful process to see just how much I started and didn't finish in the last 12 months, lol. These are the items on the list to finish and if I do, I'll have a pretty set of stitch markers for my efforts, plus actual finished objects. Stop on over and sign up if you're interested, and if you're on Ravelry and sign up for the group too. This should be fun and therapeutic!

1.wasp woman socks
2.Rex's hand warmers
3.Grandma's shawl
4.Snail mittens
5.Greek mittens
6.Mystery shawl 4
7.Gothic temptress socks
8.Aaron's sweater
9.Work vest
10.Dante's mitts


  1. Is it just UFO's from the last 12 months??? That might be doable. If it's a lifetime list, I'd feel hopeless!

  2. I actually cleaned out my craft bins this past weekend and discovered I have projects I started in the 1990's that I never finished. My basket of shame is epic.