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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Zoo

Today started with my going to do a load of laundry and almost ended with my being taken out of the laundro-mat by ambulance when I was the cost to wash a load of laundry! It's up to 2.50 just to wash now! How do people even afford clean clothes. It makes me consider going down to the ocean and washing my clothes on a washboard with lye soap like they did all those years ago...it might even be worth all the trouble for all the money I won't have to pay to those no good laundry crooks, lol.

After I collected myself from the initial sticker shock on the washers, I got some studying done today and then caught up with my friend Kristen and took the boys to the Roger Williams Park Zoo for the afternoon. Alex was more concerned with looking at the water, and throwing his apple into the water, than he was with the actual animals. Dante spent the time on wagon patrol, reading every plaque at every exhibit, and telling us that we were "going the wrong way" as if we actually had some sort of agenda. We were being led around by Alex who seemed to set the pace of where we went and how quickly we got there as he was the only one who seemed to care, and with all that going on we really didn't have anywhere to be, thus we were certainly not going "the wrong way". Alex ignored the elephants playing ball and making elephant noises, the crane, the red panda (even when I tried to tell him that it was Master Shefoo from Kung-Fo Panda, the show leopard (he only wanted the leopard's ball), the moon bears, giraffes, various birds and fish, and the bald eagles (he did manage to drop his apple into the stream near their enclosure), and he finally noticed the harbor seals. We stayed until we were kicked out be security...apparently the zoo had closed and no one bothered to announce it so we had no idea. We were the very last people out and probably had been in there a good 30 minutes after closing. We also lost Alex's binky in the zoo.

After getting home, I whipped together a leftover free-for-all for dinner and we all had something different. Alex watched half of Madagascar and then went to bed with no binky, and no fuss. I think he was tired out from walking the zoo. We didn't see any monkeys at the zoo, but I worked on my Monkey's when I got home. I've turned the heel and have a good start on the foot. I need to fit this in with planning Sharing Time, reading my class assignments, two projects for school, and reading I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (1954). I'll let you know how I make out.


  1. Cambria, thanks again for such a fun outing. I'm glad you were able to pull the evening together with leftovers, and especially glad that the binky wasn't missed!! I'll have to get my act together and send you the pictures I took at the zoo.

  2. I remember my mother once tried making her own lye soap. (She's very fond of everything related to Pioneers.) The soap-making seemed to go okay till we washed clothes with it -- it faded the colors and made holes!!! We had to replace a lot of our clothes, for quite a lot of money!

    So I'm not sure how cost-effective it would be to wash your clothes in the ocean with lye soap!