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Friday, June 19, 2009

The best day ever!

Today Alex and I went to breakfast with my husband's father & step-mother at I-Hop. Alex manhandled an order of stuffed french toast, some of my scrambled eggs, and about half of Weina's pancakes. Then we went to the mall where I found a plastic container large enough to hold two bags of cereal so that I can keep my Sam's Club cereals fresh and moth free. Then I went over to Fresh Purls on Hope St. in Providence and picked up 12 balls (yes...12) of cotton yarn and a copy of Interweave Knits Summer '08 for under 30$. They were having a sale on selected yarns of 75% off. Shut. Up.

Later I went with my friend Heather to meet up with other girls and head on over to the Comcast Center to see New Kids On The Block in concert. I've never been to a concert and I always wanted to see them when I was a kid so this was like a life long dream! It was the best show ever and I'm well on my way to having no voice but I had a blast. I even called my husband from the concert so he could hear all the commotion. Now I have to get into bed because I'm teaching a lesson on nails tomorrow for Enrichment and my ears are still buzzing.

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