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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today, Dante passed the sacrament for the first time. He had two babies trying to talk to him as he took the sacrament tray out to the lobby for anyone who arrived a little late. It was really cute. I was alone in primary except for Kristen who was a huge help, and we pulled some missionaries in (at her suggestion) to play piano for us for music time. I blew the dust off of my Family Home Evening manual and found the section on scriptures this morning to flesh out my lesson a little bit. It's funny how you try to prepare this whole lesson plan, and then when you get into it, it diverts off in a whole different direction. I guess that's the direction that the spirit thought my lesson needed to go. I played Bible or Book of Mormon with the Junior primary, where I put up the names of nine prophets from each of the books ( three new testament, three old testament, and three BofM), and had them tell me if the prophet is from the Bible or the Book of Mormon. It was really cute, but things were a bit out of wack today as they just had trouble paying attention with all the new people we had down there filling in for the day. Then we only had one child in Senior primary, so I pulled up a chair and we talked about the scriptures, what is in there, and then played Bible or Book of Mormon again, but this time we had two of the teachers play with him, and they had to tell if the prophet was in the New Testament, Old Testament, or Book of Mormon, plus something about that person. It went over really well on a smaller scale.

I'm swatching for my Something Red cardigan and I spent about an hour looking for something that I could use that was worsted weight, and roughly the same weight as the suggested yarn. I don't have anything that's exact, but I do have two options that are in the neighborhood of what I'm looking for. I checked Ravelry and one of the other knitters used the Cascade 220 which I have in my stash for another sweater but I don't think I'll be using it for that. Then I have some Lyon Brand Wool Ease in a country blue that I'm swatching with right now. I've got enough of both to knit this sweater, but I think I'd really like to be able to throw it in the washing machine and dryer because I really want something to wear to work. I've been knitting work-wear recently. I also have to cast on again for my Grandmother's socks. I took the other one off the needles because I just hated the yarn I was using and I love the pattern so I just picked up the Comfort DK in yellow and I'll start over again. Maybe right after I settle on the yarn I want for my sweater. I've always got a pair of socks on the needles, maybe I need to have a sweater on the needles at all times too!

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