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Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's me

Here I am! I haven't had much time for anything other than school, work, and sleep and if you know me personally I'm sure that every conversation we've had has been about one of these three. This week my actual work load is a little lower for math and I decided to cut my studying at 10pm so I had time to make my lunch for tomorrow (which I usually do) and add my newest yarn to my stash on Ravelry (which I'm bad about doing). I went upstairs to get photos of the new stuff only to discover that I haven't photographed much of my stash and I ended up spending about 30 minutes taking photos of the yarn in my middle drawer. I still have the top and bottom drawer to do, and then I'll need to update my page. This will make deciding on a yarn to go with a project much easier to do. Sadly, I was typing this as they were uploading and now that they're all done I can see that they all look yellow and blurry (thanks to taking them on Alex's cream blanket for a background) so now I have to do them all again. I was hoping to do this in secret so that Aaron won't see how much sock yarn I have...

Work is going as well as expected. I've finally been assigned a teller drawer and gotten some cash (which I was short $20 on yesterday). I'm taking some transactions now and learning the difference in how Union Federal handles things compared to Sovereign branches. It's just different enough to throw me off, and just familiar enough for my old habits to interfere with learning my new processes. I hope that the things that I'm learning in Cognitive Psych about how memory works will help me to pick this up faster than I normally would. Otherwise things are good. I'm getting to keep my old work schedule so I'm still 8:30am-4pm M-F and one Saturday a month so I leave at the same time in the morning and I get home at about the same time even though I drive to N. Providence every day. And next week we're going on an evening cruise on the Bay Queen in Newport for a work sponsored team building thing-ie.

I've been trying to stay organized so I've taken everyone's advice and I'm planning dinners for a week on my calender. Then I'm making a shopping list of only the things I need for that week. I have to take the meat out of the freezer the night before and put it on the stove so that I can prep it in the morning before work. I have to leave directions for Aaron to start dinner before I get home and I take over once I get in so we've been able to have dinner on the table no later than 5:30pm. I didn't account for my own special food needs when I planned dinners for the last two weeks so when I was at the library I found a copy of The Single Vegan for sale for .10 and I bought it. The book outlines dinners for a week and comes with a grocery list for the week. I'm going to try it out this week and see how that works for me. All the meals are portioned for one person, and so the shopping list is for smaller amounts like 2 onions, and 1-2 carrots. We'll see how this goes.

There has been very little knitting because of my really exhausting schedule but I did manage to work on my socks for the knit-along. At this rate I'm not going to have these socks done by the end of the month. I've got new yarn for a pair of Griffindor House socks, and for a pullover vest by Eunny Yang, both just waiting in the que for me to have time to get to them. I really want this vest so I can wear it to my new job. My last two projects for work are working out really well. I wear the February Lady Sweater almost every day (I'll try to get a good photo of me actually in it) and I've worn the tuxedo vest as well. I've decided that I want one in wool for the branch to keep the chill of the AC off.

As if this wasn't enough, I'm also putting together a surprise birthday cook out for Aaron's 35 birthday next Saturday. I've called our friends and they've all confirmed. Now I just have to enlist one of them to get him away from home for a little while so that everyone else will just be here when he gets here. If you know us personally (and you probably do or why else would you bother to read this blog, lol) then keep this on the down low. No mention of the BBQ around my husband, on my Myspace, or in my email as he's the one who actually runs my Myspace and he sometimes uses my email. Okay. Now I still feel like I'm forgetting something but it's past my bedtime so I'm going to have to wrap up for now.

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