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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Junk & stuff

Yesterday I threw a surprise birthday party for my husband. He turns 35 on Tuesday and he's feeling bummed about it so I decided that a party was just the thing...but not just any party...we had a G.I. Joe party. Floating balloons, G.I. Joe dog tags, a blow up M16 and plastic military hat, camouflage bowls with chips, burgers & dogs, theme plates & cups, streamers, the whole deal complete with guests here when he came home to holler "surprise!". He was totally fooled. He got several cards from his friends with cool stuff inside, and I got him a video game, a wireless controller, and charging kit. People stayed till about 7pm and it was just great.

Saturday's party (which took away my only full day of studying) was far better than Friday's company outing on the Majestic in Newport. The weather was poor and the fog was so heavy that I couldn't help feeling like I was stepping into the movie The Fog. We went out for a bay cruise that lasted for three hours...three. hours. With people from my new job that I've only known for three weeks who started to get a little embarrassing after they had a few drinks from the bar. There are no street signs in Washington Square, so my directions to the dock didn't help me at all. The food wasn't very good and the only meatless things there were a green salad, dry roasted potatoes with too much pepper on them, and undercooked summer squash, zucchini, and carrots cooked without any salt or pepper, or butter for that matter. Then after they finished rushing the food out they brought out dry cake. My stomach started to hurt from being on the boat which really started to list from side to side as the trip went on and I just started to get more and more anxious to get off the boat. After I got back on land (about an hour later than I would have liked to) I had to make the 3-4 block trip back to my car alone in the dark on streets in Newport that were dark and narrow. All I could think about was how I was smarter than this and I was going to die because I ignored the rules and put myself into a horror movie situation by going out on a boat with a hurricane warning, then walking back in the dark to my car alone, with a cell phone with a nearly dead battery. That would come to haunt me again later when I got lost three times on the way home because the towns of Newport and Bristol don't feel it necessary to light their roads or put up street signs that are larger than an envelope (if there are any at all). I couldn't find the street sign until I was passing it and some of the signs weren't marked at all, or they were marked incorrectly. I called Aaron stressed out and tired only to have my phone die on me, which is when I lost it and started to cry. That was also when I found the correct street but I was too frustrated to feel calmed until I was turning into my parking lot. I lost an entire day to study on Friday too and it so wasn't worth it.

Today is another "no studying" day so I'm going to try to get a little knitting done and take a nap. Alex is napping right now and the rest of the boys are out of the house so maybe I could get a nap in...if I can just get the people over at the carousel to stop with the Karaoke. I can hear horrible singing clear as if it was going on in my backyard, and it's three blocks away.

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  1. You make me laugh!!! (Only because you made it home safely... ) (But I am laughing heartily because I have seen you since this post and know that you are, in fact, alive and well.)