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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maybe, AKA "Not Bloody Likely"

Today I found myself down in the vault putting my cash can away when our accountant (who took us down to the vault for the first time since I've been working there) and I got to talking about sweaters and I casually mention that I'm working on a new one and this triggers her to say "working on one?" and I say "yeah, I knit. I made my red one upstairs, and that blue one I wear sometimes, and these socks (show accountant said socks)." and she says..."Can you make me a sweater?". Only she looks serious. Usually people just say that stuff but nothing ever comes of is, especially when you get into yarn choices and how much said yarn would cost and it gets really complicated for non-knitters really fast and they just sort of wander off looking glazed over (I just wanted a sweater...). So I said "possibly" when what I really want to say is that she has a snowball's chance in Hell of getting a sweater by Christmas (she'll "pay me for my time") because I'm in school and working, and have kids to cook for and a house to clean, and a sweater to knit for Rhinebeck, and socks to finish for my Grandma (I didn't forget, Mom) and my mom's finished socks to mail to her, and a baby blanket to knit for my MIL's-boyfriend's-daughter's-unborn child, and a pretty little sweater and blanket for my husband's-friend's-baby, and books to read, and IEP meetings to arrange, and kids to drop off at Young Men's activities, and Sharing Times to plan, and a Primary Presentation looming...so no, I don't think I can have a sweater knit for you by Christmas.


  1. Down in the vault? Sounds mysterious.

  2. So the answer is, I won't be able to get to it until... blah blah blah... (March 2012?) Another thing I have said when people have asked me to knit for them is, "You go pick out a sweater pattern and get the yarn, and I'll knit it." No one has ever followed through. And if they did, they would know the expense of what they're asking. Send 'em some place like Fresh Purls, so they can see the cost of hand knitting.