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Sunday, September 13, 2009

So far, so good.

I finally took a photo of the vest so far. The colors are pretty true to life and I hope that they work out. I'm not sure about this so far. My joins aren't very tight and i'm thinking that I might need to cut my strands for every row to be sure that they're tight enough. I'd hate to have sloppy holes at the sides in my decorative seam. I'm also not sure if I'm working the pattern correctly with the waste decreases and I'm using highlighters, magnet boards and magnet strips to try to keep track of where I am. Things seem to be lining up okay and I guess it's just so early that I can't really see the pattern that I'm building.

I'm so tired! This vest is going to be the death of me. Since I started it I haven't been to bed before midnight, and I've been cutting off my studies about a hour earlier each night that I usually do. I really need a nap but there won't be a Sunday nap today as my husband and his cousin are throwing a surprise birthday party for his mom. I think I may have started a trend here. So as I type this, I'm getting cozy with a bottle of Mountain Dew, thinking about all the work I should be doing on my final paper, and the ridiculous amount of laundry and dishes that are piling up in my house.

And on that note, I bring you another reason not to do what I should be doing. My buddy Heather knit a beautiful beret and now I want one. Now I have to relax my hair again so that I can wear one without looking like Bobo the Clown. I actually have one in mind, with matching glove from Vintage Knits that I bought the yarn for a few years ago but I'm actually using that yarn now in my Ivy League Vest so I guess that's off now. And to aid in my planning, I took a few balloons out of the left over pack (that we're recycling today for Linda's party) to save for when I actually knit myself a hat and need to block it. I've been in love with this one by Wendy of Knit & Tonic fame and even though I've never really worn hats, because once i get one on my head I have to live in it (due to the curly hair thing) and my job doesn't allow for my wearing a hat all day, and even though when I do wear hats I don't wear berets because I feel like I'm not French enough for that...I want this one. And hopefully I won't knit it and have it sit in a drawer forever because I under estimated how cool I really need to be to pull this off, like some of my other knits.

Edited to add:
I did not realize that I'd had some add on my page for people to "go play at work unnoticed" with some renaissance wench, so I've deleted my 'Monet of the Day'. I know how much you all loved looking at those...you'll just have to get over it :) I guess that's what I get for not checking on my own blog once in a while.

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