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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy happy, joy joy

I know this is supposed to be a knitting blog, and there should be pictures and projects and finished objects and stuff, but right now life is more than my knitting (a sad realization) and that's what I've been feeling the need to write about. So that being said...today was a really great day!! I had a friend's little boy over to babysit for a few hours and it was so much fun for Alex. He loves playing with his friend (even if he still doesn't share very well) and they had a great time watching PBS and playing with Alex's toys. Just as I was getting them both settled in for lunch, Mom came to get him and I was a little sad that she'd gotten back so fast. I was looking forward to seeing how excited he was about having dinosaur sandwiches with Alex.

Later, we all got in the car and went up the Lincoln to pick up Dante's other prescription. Then it was off to Sam's Club for milk and lunch meat, which turned into a $60 trip (as these things usually do). We got home and Dante produced his progress report which was excellent! Every class shows his behavior, effort, and grades as good-excellent, and his math grade at the half way point is 75%! Not bad considering he shouldn't have passed math last year. My friend Melissa (who tutored him this summer) gets all the credit. I had him call her and leave her a message letting her know that he did so well, because I thought she'd like that. I have a meeting on the 23rd with his teachers and I'm feeling much better about the way everything is going so far.

Class started today for me. My biology class has video lectures and the text, but the text is really just a supplement to the lectures and chapter 1 was only five pages so I was able to get caught up on the reading right away. I'll even be able to make it to knitting on the weeks when it falls on a Thursday because my seminar is from 7-8pm, and knitting is at 8. This is a far cry better than last term when I thought I'd never survive. And to add to my excitement...I got a call from a wonderful gentleman from the State of RI dept of labor and training, informing me that he's processed my claim for unemployment and I can file a claim on Sunday so there's going to be no interruption in my pay. I was so excited that I could have jumped up and down (if my back could have taken it). Now I can look for a better job, and concentrate on school and getting my boys settled. Maybe I'll even get lucky and Aaron will find something before my benefits run out and I can stay home till I finish school!


  1. Wow, you're keeping us well supplied with reading material here in blog world! I expect to see another post soon too, given what Josh told me about what's going on tonight! I hope Alex is ok!!!!
    I'm glad you had fun with those little boys. Thank you again for babysitting!! Sorry, I should've stayed to let them enjoy the dinosaurs together - I knew you had errands to run. When I asked Jaydon what he and Alex did, he said "took turns." You can tell me later if that was true or if he was just saying that!

  2. It was pretty much true. They really enjoyed each other.