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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The second scariest day of my life

To continue with my tough day or two, Alex really had a hard time in nursery today and he got tossed out three times. I put him in the corner twice. So after a rough day trying to plan how things out so Rachel can survive without us for her first ever sharing time, I went to my in-laws so that I could tell my MIL about my assignment being ended. Things were fine until it was time to go home and Alex was going down their stairs with Dante when he decided to break free from Dante and try to run down the stairs...which results in him falling down 8 steps and landing in a heap at the bottom. It was the worst sound I've ever heard and I jumped up and ran down to find him screaming and Dante trying to help him up. I had to holler at Dante to keep him from trying to pick Alex up until I could get an idea if his neck or back was hurt, and then I picked him up and took him back up stairs to check over the damage. I was really ticked off that my father-in-law who was sitting on the couch right next to the base of the stairs didn't get up at all to see if Alex was alright...not until I'd already gotten down the stairs and picked him up. I called his pediatrician and he said that it sounded like Alex is fine. The stairs are carpeted and there wasn't any swelling, bruising, confusion, loss of range-of-motion, or anything out of character for Alex so I could just watch him but he was most likely fine. And he is fine. But I'm not so fine. I was just so scared and the only time I've been this scared was when Dante's day care told my husband that I had already picked him up when I hadn't, because they hadn't bothered to check the kids against their roll.

On much more fun topics, I've chosen my pattern to shop for at Rhinebeck... Oblique. I'll be shopping for 1200 yds of aran weight yarn, preferably a wool-alpaca blend like the called for yarn. I'm also planning on some roving since I'm taking a spinning class, but not too much. just enough to knit a pair of hand warmers or something. And there's going to be some book signings, and my class, and a chance to knit on the worlds longest scarf, and The Big Sock, along with the Ravelry meet-ups going on. So. Much. Fun. Now my only worry is whether or not the fair will have any vegetarian-friendly foods as I gather that I won't be able to bring food in with me.


  1. ouch! So glad he's ok!

  2. That's no fun. Amelia fell down the stairs once- similar thing, strong willed no hands holding small child. Glad everyone will be OK. It's sort of amazing how some tylenol and ice fixes so much with little kids.