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Monday, October 12, 2009

Slightly used kids for sale

Boy, I'm really feeling the consequences of being away at work for 10 weeks. Alex is growing more defiant every day (a product of being 3) and Dante decided tonight that he couldn't sleep so it would be okay to play his DS in bed until I heard him giggling at 10pm. He has school and NCAP testing tomorrow, plus he's out of meds. I called in for his prescription a week ago and I have it but I didn't look at it because I didn't need it yet but I when I did today, I found that it was only one of the two prescriptions that he takes. It's only 27mgs and he takes 45 mgs (in two pills because they don't make one at 45 mgs) so tomorrow, even when he gets his pills, it won't be the correct dose. So I took the DS away and I don't think I'm giving it back till the end of the year.

I had to go get a nap today and I slept for 4 hours. I'm just really tired from all the nonsense and I don't have much patience for my boys today. I need to clean my house, plan meals for the week and do some shopping, and my Dracula: Prince of Darkness DVD skipped right through the last two chapters of the movie so I couldn't see them kill Christopher Lee off!! My allergies kicked in this weekend and I have to buy some Zyrtec so that I can make it through the weekend surrounded by animals and hay and other non-familiar pollens and plants.

I finished Dan Brown's newest book The Lost Symbol and I enjoyed it over all but I think I'm not fully satisfied with the ending. There was definitely a twist at the end that I didn't see coming until right before they revealed it, which was good, but I thought that one part relating to the main character was a little far fetched, but I ran with it (without giving away any details for people reading that book). Now, after I go to UPS and throw a fit about how I still don't have my text book even though I spoke to them just under a week ago about redelivering it because my address was indeed correct, I will start reading chapter 1 for my class starting on Thursday. Biology... this should be fun.

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