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Monday, November 9, 2009

Ground Zero

It's a mess over here right now. Dante came home on Friday sick from school and by Saturday night he had a fever just under 103. Saturday morning I had Alex up to the pediatrician's office for a H1N1 flu clinic, and Sunday morning he was running a fever too. I took them both in and they have a virus, but it's not the flu. Thankfully their fevers broke the same day and they've been fine. Sunday night, Aaron got sick with a fever just barely under 105! I almost took him to emergency but the "on call" doctor suggested that we just stay home and keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't get confused and disoriented, and then take him in to the office in the morning...because by the time he would have been seen in the emergency room...it would have been morning anyway. Well, he went up and they confirmed that he has the flu...and the only flu in the state right now is H1N1. So he should be sick as a dog for at least a week, and I'm tired already and feeling very rundown, and I have another week of this at least. Hopefully I won't wear out because I'm fighting this virus off right now and I really can't afford to be down with the flu when I have school and a primary program next week, and a very demanding 3 year old.

I did manage to finish the baby blanket, but per usual I only got a crappy photo before giving it away. I'll post it later. I also finished a pair of hand warmers for Dante that actually fit him for once. He promptly took them to school and left them there... Why did I bother?

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