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Friday, December 11, 2009


Thanks to everyone who left me comments on yesterday's post. I really appreciate it, and Rachel, I'll definitely be talking to you...probably tomorrow :) Today, we all had a snack of some whole grain crackers and hummus (Dante ate his with Cheetos, lol). They ended up having chef boyarde for dinner because I got busy in the kitchen washing dishes so that we could bake for tomorrows Christmas social. The boys played outside for a little while because Alex really needed to get out outside so when they came in they both had a hot chocolate, and then later on Dante ate the rest of a second can of lasagna and then one of the brownies that I baked for tomorrow. I don't think the brownies are going to make it, because I tried to make them in my muffin pan with the idea in mind that they would come out like the two-bite brownies that I love from Sam's Club, only bigger. Well, they stuck to the pan even though I greased it first so it didn't work out like I thought. I think there will be cookies instead.

So this afternoon I had an interview with ADP for a part time job. The call center is close to Sovereign, and it felt comfortable in there. I guess I've gotten used to working in a cubicle. I won't say too much because one never knows who is reading their blogs, but I will say that I had a pleasant interview, the managers who interviewed me were lovely people, and the company seems like a great place to work. The offer many of the same programs that I loved about Sovereign, back when it was still Sovereign. I don't know when I will hear back, but when I do I'll have some thinking to do. I like the idea of working there part time.

Now, let's add some irons to the fire. I got home today to find a job offer awaiting me from my local yarn shop! I've dreamed of working in a yarn shop for years now and I just love it there. So starting the first of the new year, I'll be an employee of Bella Yarns. It's part time which leaves time for school, there's an employee discount which means that I probably won't be taking a paycheck home, and I'll be getting paid to knit on the job. I will likely be taking over the knitting classes when Kim goes out on maternity leave, and I'll be helping to get the web business up and running. The hours sound pretty good, but I'd be willing to work there for hours and hours just to be around the yarn, lol. Naturally the pay isn't near what ADP would offer, but I know that I'll be blissfully happy and that's really important. So now I just have to figure out what I might do if ADP does in fact call me and offer me a job. I might have to think about taking both so that I can get insurance and a 401K from the corporate job, and money for my habit from the shop. Cast your votes, lol.

In holiday knitting news, I finished Dante's socks. Photos and details on my ravelry projects page. It was hard to resist giving them to him now but I want to put them in his stocking. They turned out really nice, not bad at all for a yarn that I didn't really like in the first place. This pattern really worked wonders for it. It's the Gentleman's shooting stocking with fluted pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I loved this pattern. It was easy to memorize, it worked up quickly, and it was a bit addicting. I worked up a pair of socks in what would amount to a Woman's 11 (man's small) in 10 days. The second sock practically flew off the needles. I used 2 skeins of Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Flint, which I've had in the stash for a few years because I wasn't a fan of the primary colored tweed flecks, but it worked out beautifully for this pattern. I cast on 72 st instead of the 84 called for, and worked a 3x3 ribbing for an inch before going into the pattern. Dante isn't big enough for me to knit these as stockings so I knit them as socks. I had church in mind when I made these so I wanted them to be something that would keep his feet warm, but also look good with dress shoes. I'll have to see how he takes to them (and if it's anything like the way he reacted to that bag of Cheetos that I bought at his request last night, then I've got it made!) Now I'm knitting baby socks with the left over Tofuties from my MIL's shawl, trying to concentrate on my last real week of school until January 6th, and trying to get house work done. Between the holiday knitting, and the siren call of Netfilx...I'm not getting anything done around here. Tonight it was Quantum of Solace. I love me some Daniel Craig as James Bond. Best Bond ever!

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  1. Awesome Cam. I am proud of you but then I am always proud of you...Nice socks I like the pattern and the colors ..What a pretty cat Eddie has become such a handsom boy. Love you MOM