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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Peanut Butter Circle Toast

It sound a bit like "Peanut butter jelly time" if you think about it. Anyway, if I didn't already tell you the story, Alex asked Aaron for a bagel with peanut butter on it, only it came out peanut-butter-circle-toast. He couldn't have been more accurate if he tried.

Anyway, I was online yesterday and decided that Dante needed to have an incognito, but the needles I was using were a pain so I decided to go to the shop for needles and some yarn. I hung out a bit and knit with Emily, and then came home to finish up the cowl. It's simple and quick, and fun but about half way through I realized that I hadn't really bothered to check my gauge and it was way to small. Rather than rip it back for a second time that day, I decided to go ahead with it and give it to Alex instead; maybe I could get my cowl back. This morning I got up and stitched the Poirot mustache on it and handed it to Alex, who thought it was the funnest thing he's ever seen. He modeled it for everyone who came in the house today, and Dante thought it was cool and said that he'd like to have one so I'll be knitting one for him tonight, with my Cascade 220 Heathers in Olive held double so I actually hit gauge this time. Then the plan it to knit them hats with giant eyebrows to match so they can both look like silent movie villains. This should be fun! I think Dante will get the...cancel that thought...he just came over and said he wants the Snidely mustache.

On the subject of Christmas, I got my mom's box in the mail filled to bursting with stuff for her and a bag of treats for her new puppy. I made my pumpkin bread loaves and unfortunately I missed several people who had already left to travel to visit family for the holidays. I have a really tough time trying to remember that just because I never go away doesn't mean that others don't either, and I need to get the baking done earlier. So now I have 6 extra mini-loaves in my fridge and I'll be passing them out to family. The last (and largest) of Dante's gifts arrived today in the mail. I had to tell them that I had a huge yarn order, and then rushed off to hide it upstairs in my room. Alex is all set. I have one gift for Aaron, but Dante and I are going in halves on a new iPod shuffle for him and i should probably drag him out today to get that done, or maybe I can just do it after I drop them off at Young Men's tomorrow... I told Aaron not to get me the EZ book that I asked for, because the shop has a few copies and I'll have an employee discount in a few weeks so I'll just hold off. The tree is up, and decorations are out, and I'm spending most of my day chasing Alex away from them. I don't know if I'm going to live through the holidays at this rate :) Now all that's left is to gather what I managed to pull together for my family and to drop it over on Christmas Eve. I couldn't pull together what I wanted for them, but there are some gifts and a few goodies, some extra canned goods and juice, and some home made candy from the Nielsons, so hopefully it will be a merry Christmas for them.

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