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Monday, December 28, 2009

The return of work, and the Ivy League Vest

If you turn your head to the left a bit, you can see what's become of my Ivy League Vest. This thing just got really complicated and I thought I had it worked out. I read several lines of directions ahead and I didn't see any reference to the neck shaping anymore, so I quit doing it. Then after I got a good amount of work done in the last two days, I finally saw it "continue in pattern, including neck decs". It's the return of the dreaded "at same time" deal. Why, oh why did I start to knit this thing only to be forced to put it down for other projects like Christmas knitting, and baby knitting? I completely lost track of where I was and now I've had to pay for it. I had to rip back about 15 rows and I guess I should be thankful for that because I caught a stitch that had frayed so I was able to repair it before I put it on and it snapped, sending me into a frenzy. But now I have neck shaping going on every 2nd row 13 times, plus decreasing 3 sts for 2 rows, then decreasing 2 sts for 5 rows, then every other row 4 times (all while keeping track of the neck). It's enough to make me scream.

Now, my other return to work is actual work. I'll be going in to train at Bella Yarns on Wednesday and then I'll be working 2 full days each week, Tuesdays and Saturdays. I let Kim know that sometimes I have things that I need to do on Saturdays for church, and she said that Saturdays are the easiest days to cover so that should be fine. My classes are on Monday and Thursday again, and the shop has knitting nights on Wednesdays which I'll likely be taking over when Kim goes out to have her baby. Things look good regarding work :)

Yesterday I missed Sacrament meeting because my water was out. I called the office and asked for maintenance to come out and fix it, so I had to wait. Three and a half hours later after I didn't hear anything, I called again and was told that my neighbor's pipes burst and they had to repair it so they shut off the water to the building. They said it wouldn't be that much longer, but the water didn't come back on until 4:30-ish. That's 7 full hours without water. I didn't know what was going to happen because they forgot to come around to the building and let us know, so I didn't have time to get any water ready, and we were out of milk and had 1 bottle of soda. I finally gave up and went to the store (on Sunday, which I hate to do) to get water, only to have the water come back on about an hour later...thanks. Well today they came back and told me that there's a leak now and they have to turn it off again, and even though I still have water and milk and soda in my car (not the milk, that's in the fridge), I filled up the empty bottle of water, my Nalgen bottle, the tea pot, the coffee pot (for my husband) and the drink pitcher. I won't be waterless today I tell you! Now, off to have some tea and a snack, and try to do something about that mess in my glider.

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