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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

no more work knitting

the day has finally come. i can't knit at my desk anymore. now what will i do to keep from pulling my hair out on long conference calls to the social security administration?.. to be honest i'm not sure how i got away with it for as long as i did but it really kept me sane and now i really need to hit the gym on a daily basis so that i don't go nuts and kill someone. i don't have the time or patience to deal with people's crap so i'm gonna need an outlet.

fitness update:

20 minutes cardo on olyptical
no weight taken this morning.

Monday, January 5, 2009

1st finished object of the year

these socks have been a love/hate obsession of mine for about 2 years now. i started them in 2007 and for some reason thought it would be fun to knit toe socks. the toes weren't fun and i got really sick of these in no time. after a really long time away i started the second sock, which i now know that i cast on a few too many stitches for, and worked on these for a little bit. i used a 2mm needle and it just took way too long. i gave up about half way down the toe.
the other day i realized that i couldn't find any of my wool socks and that i really wanted another pair. it just made sense to finish an almost finished pair than to start an entirely new pair so i pulled these out of hiding. the toes worked out much better than on my first foot and i had to wing it because i lost my notes. but after making gloves, i realized that the toes didn't have to be a guessing game and they knit up much faster than the first foot. however, the overall sock fits better on the first foot. i lost love for this color, and for the pattern, and over all they are a disappointment. a warm, warm disappointment.

fitness check 1/5/09
weight: 197.2
work out: arch trainer 9 minutes incline 6 resistance 10
ab crunch 50 lbs, 2x12reps
back extension 50 lbs, 2x12 reps
hip abduction 50 lbs, 2x12 reps
free crunches 1 set of 10, 1 set of 6

Sunday, January 4, 2009

weigh in 1/3/09

i have just learned a valuable lesson that many of you already know. never weigh yourself at the end of the night before bed. it'll make you want to just die!
today i weighed myself in the morning. results are as follows: 198 lbs. still way too high but not over 200. now i just have to fight to get further away from that number.