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Friday, February 13, 2009

Parenting 201

so today presented a totally different challenge.
my husband emailed me at work and let me know that he found search history for "naked women" and youtube of dancing teenage girls on the computer. he deletes the history every day. it wasn't me and it wasn't him...so that only leaves The Boy. we waited till i got home today before we talked to him about his unauthorized use of the computer, along with the inappropriate viewing. i can say that he was at least honest with us (or at least partly honest) about what happened. he went to the search bar and started to type in google. it brought up their quick search option. from google quick search, he started to type in an entry for Naruto which is a show that he likes to watch. (we made him do this with us watching to prove what he said happened) he typed in N..A.. and the first 3 items that popped up are in order: naked; naked girls; Naruto. there really should be something that a parent can do about having a popular kids entry come up right on the list next to inappropriate material.
so The Boy "accidentally" clicks on naked girls and next thing you know, he's clicking away. he said that he closed the window once he realized it was wrong, but really he'd looked at several of the links and some of the videos.
i have to say that as a mother, i really find it disturbing that adult things would just automatically display for children to be able to select. why don't they just set it so that things of adult content have to be fully typed in? i find that there are a lot of things i won't ask for or look for unless i am aware that i even have that option and that other people are of the same opinion. do i want to super size my food? i do now! i didn't even think to ask for a larger size but now that you suggested it i'll be taking advantage. do i want an artificial sweetener made from a plant rather than the poisons readily available in the stores? you bet your butt i do. i didn't even know they made such a thing. See where i'm going here? if you tell me about something, then of course i'll probably want it or express interest in it. i could have gone my whole life without ever wanting such a thing but now that i know it's there i want it. it's the same with sexually explicit materials. if you let kids know that it's there, they'll go for it. maybe they never would have thought to look for it but now that you mention it...
so now that it's dealt with, he's going to be talking to his grandfather and the bishop about what he did, and then my husband is going to have "the talk" with him. we have set the computer up with a password to keep him off it when he's not authorized to use it, and he has lost all video game/computer privileges for a month.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

things babies say

tonight alex dropped a plastic box full of hot wheels right on his toe just before bed. he cried for a while and then i put him happily to bed. almost three hours later he woke up crying. i went up to calm him down and took off his hoodie to help him cool down. he lifted his leg and i had to kiss his foot. then after i thought i'd got him calmed down i started to leave and he said "Owwh!, my knee!" (he was referring to his foot.) i gave him some children's Tylenol and tucked him back in again and left. half an hour later i hear him crying again calling for me. "Mommy!" "Mommy!". he really knows how to tug at the heart strings. i tried to ignore him and hope that he'd go back to sleep but he just go louder. so i go up and as soon as i open the door he said "Mommy! My Binky is gone! I can't find it! It's somewhere!" (somewhere is alex-code for i have no idea where it is.) i had to fight not to crack up. he was so serious and just beside himself. i told him to calm down and that we'd look for it. i moved everything in the crib and found it hiding under a blanket. after he got it back, and his blankie, i cuddled him in my lap for a little bit and he handed me his foot again for more kisses. he must have dropped the box right on his big toe because i moved his little baby toes and squeezed them all and he jumped when i squeezed the big toe. now i have to see if its any better in the morning and if not i need to take him up to the doctor to have that little big toe looked at.
haha, "Mommy, my Binky is gone!"... priceless.

2/13/09 Edited:
he has a nice bruse on the big toe, covering half of his nail and the cuticle, but he can walk just fine on it so i don't think anything is broken.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parenting 101

for anyone who is interested (probably just my mom) i have posted on the Return With Honor site a paper that i had Dante write for me this weekend in response to a lie that he told. he flooded the bathroom floor by accident when the toilet overflowed, but decided that he had to hide it and lie about the cover up rather than tell me that the toilet overflowed. it isn't the first time that it's backed up and certainly won't be the last. he wouldn't have been in any trouble, but he lied to cover up something that wasn't his fault, and that is where he got himself into trouble. so besides having to clean the entire upstairs all day Saturday, he had to write me a 2 page report on what the scriptures say about lying and honesty. it was impressive.