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Saturday, May 9, 2009

i finished something!

I spent the last week or so knitting the Sexy Vesty pattern and I actually finished it! I was totally monogamous to this project and i was lucky to finish it before my layoff date (which i still don't know for sure) as I knit it so i could wear it to this job. it worked out really well and i was very comfortable in it. i hated it when it came off the needles though, because i didn't catch something in the decrease section for the arms/shoulder section and the neckline turned out very different from the picture. i wanted to rip it out but decided to sleep on it, and the next morning i steam blocked it to see how i felt about it. it looked much better and i wore it for the day, where i received several compliments on it. after i posted it on Ravelry, it was favorited four times! so now i have decided that i do in fact love it and i will be leaving it alone.

in my quest to find what to do next, i decided to go back to Aaron's sweater and finish it up. I'm about halfway through his last sleeve and then i think i only have the neckline to finish. i just hate knitting in black stockinette stitch and I'm ready for a shawl on the needles! however, I'm starting my next term of school on Wednesday 5/13 and this time my classes are much heavier so i won't really be able to get into anything complicated. maybe I'll knit that Clapotis that I've been coveting for so long now. i have the yarn for it...

i decided to read something fun over my vacation so i checked out The Pelican Brief and Pet Sematary from the library. I finished The Pelican Brief which I whipped right through and then decided that I should probably pick up my new Psychology Text book and give it a once-over. I started to read the first chapter and take notes because these chapters are really long and I'll really need to work ahead to stay caught up (although if I'm laid off, I'll have more time for school). the book is brilliantly laid out and I found it to be really interesting, although I'm a little concerned that this first chapter has 31 key terms in it! But so far I've learned some interesting things about the history of the field and it's early contributors. Did you know that one early scientist theorized that different areas of the brain controlled different functions of the mind (which is true) and that the stronger a person is in those areas of the mind, the larger the bumps on the skull will be? if you have a big brain, you're smarter is basically what they thought. really cool stuff. and now that I've done some of my reading, and knit some, and blogged for the first time in at least a week, I'm going to read some non-school related material and then go to bed.

Happy Mothers Day!! (I love you, Mom.)