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Friday, June 19, 2009

The best day ever!

Today Alex and I went to breakfast with my husband's father & step-mother at I-Hop. Alex manhandled an order of stuffed french toast, some of my scrambled eggs, and about half of Weina's pancakes. Then we went to the mall where I found a plastic container large enough to hold two bags of cereal so that I can keep my Sam's Club cereals fresh and moth free. Then I went over to Fresh Purls on Hope St. in Providence and picked up 12 balls (yes...12) of cotton yarn and a copy of Interweave Knits Summer '08 for under 30$. They were having a sale on selected yarns of 75% off. Shut. Up.

Later I went with my friend Heather to meet up with other girls and head on over to the Comcast Center to see New Kids On The Block in concert. I've never been to a concert and I always wanted to see them when I was a kid so this was like a life long dream! It was the best show ever and I'm well on my way to having no voice but I had a blast. I even called my husband from the concert so he could hear all the commotion. Now I have to get into bed because I'm teaching a lesson on nails tomorrow for Enrichment and my ears are still buzzing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday Knitting night

Yesterday we pulled of our second weekly installment of the Wednesday Knitting/Crafting group. It was really great, just like I've always heard that knitting circles are supposed to be. There were about 9-10 of us there plus a brand new baby and there was knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, heel-turning, and book perusing! And two different kinds of brownies. We talked and laughed and got loud sometimes, and the ladies gave me some really great advise regarding getting Dante what's called "extended year services" that he's supposed to be covered for under his IEP since he's failing math. I did call the school and left a message for the guidance counselor who was at a field trip and didn't call me after she got in. She'll be dealing with a very upset Mrs. Washington tomorrow and this will get sorted out.

I have a New Kids On The Block concert tomorrow, my first concert ever! Today I went out and got my hair cut and my brows waxed. I'm getting paid tomorrow so I'll have a little extra to take with me to the show. While I was out today, I stopped by Bella Yarns and picked up the buttons for my FLS and a hook closure for my Central Park Hoodie that I wear every day. I finally put a button and loop on it last week and it really makes the difference in how it stays in place but I decided that a metal decorative hook-eye dealie would look much better and more finished that my non-matching button and crochet loop-button hole. I also bought yarn for Mina's Tuxedo vest pattern from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. It will be lavander and I'm going to knit the pullover version rather than the cardigan version because it's just stunning! Now I just have to force myself to stay with my FLS until it's finished, and that shouldn't be much longer because I just started the first sleeve. Also on deck: Something Red, also from Knit and Tonic. I've been drooling over that one for years now so I finally bought it. And speaking of purchases, I just bought my own copy of Custom knits (this is borrowed), a copy of Cookie A's new sock book, and Fitted Knits. Lots of new patterns on the way courtesy of Knit Picks.com

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monkey'n around

I finally gave in and knit another pair of Cookie A socks. I knit a pair of monkeys found at Knitty.com in a limited edition yarn from Skinny Sheep. They're much prettier than they look in the photo and they're really soft and comfortable (due to the yarn) and stretchy (due to the pattern). I can see how these can be addictive, they were a lot of fun to knit. I've got plans for a pair of purl-less monkeys as I've seen them around the web and they look fun too.
These only took just over a week to knit and I had them off the needles and on my feet before I knew what hit me.

I've been spending my time at home potty training, cooking, cleaning, and baking. My husband doesn't know what to think, lol. I've been trying to save money by making everything that I can from scratch at home (or near scratch). Alex got a cake with butter cream frosting from scratch and some cupcakes (boxed) with home made chocolate frosting. The cupcakes were a big hit, and after they were gone I had to break out the box of yellow cake I had in the cubbord and whip up another batch with the chocolate frosting I made before. I've also been baking bread and I made a good wheat bread, but it's heavier that my boys are used to for sandwiches and they don't really like it except as toast or dinner bread with butter on it. My friend Natalie gave me a link to her blog that has some really good recipes on it and I just make the curried lentils tonight. I've tasted it and I love it, but I've yet to serve it to my family. Hopefully they like it because I got sick this week and in my blessing I was told that I needed to cut out the meat so there will be lots more of these types of dishes as I embark on a vegetarian lifestyle...Heaven help me.

I've started another sweater in the last week as well, and I'm knitting the February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne of www.flintknits.com. This is knit from the top down so it really allows for being able to try on the sweater as you go to get a custom fit. So far so good for mine. I'm nearing the end of the body and will be picking up the sleeves soon. Wednesday night at my knitting group should be a good time to get some serious work on it and see how I like it.