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Monday, June 22, 2009

February Lady Sweater

Today I finished my February Lady Sweater and blocked it. It's mostly dry but it took longer than usual due to the strange weather we've been having here this month. Our computer said that it was 94 and sunny today but it was in the 60's and raining all day. This is not the type of weather that wet wool dries well in. Thankfully I considered this when I blocked it so I only pinned it down and sprayed it till it was damp. I think I'll be living in this tomorrow while I start the reading for next week's unit in school.

While I was in my seminar tonight, knitting on my newest project- Mina's Tuxedo Vest from Custom Knits, my teacher put me on the spot and mentioned that I had read the discussion questions for the unit and prepared answers to those questions as instructed. She asked me to tell the class where I had found those questions and said that next week she expected everyone to be prepared. I sort of felt bad, like I'd been a show-off and I'd become that kid we all hated in school who jacked the grading curve all the way up. But I only follow directions, so it's not like I'm doing anything special...or maybe I am? Who knows. I have to agree with my friend who recently told me that her husband (who is a teacher) feels that students now-a-days have a sense of entitlement about them. They act like it is the teachers job to teach them and that it's not in any way their job to learn. Really, it's both. Students need to take advantage of the resources available to them and ask questions if they don't understand something, and teachers need to provide those resources and be available to answer questions. If this happens...people learn stuff.

Off my soap box now. I heard from the local bank that I interviewed with and they want to extend a job offer. The position I applied for was a teller job, but they talked to me about being their head teller, which is a position that they were creating and in the middle of having approved. Over the last few weeks I've touched base with the hiring manager and they let me know that they were close to having that position up and running. Today I spoke to her and she said it was taking a bit longer and wanted to know if I was interested in coming aboard at a temp with a local agency until the position was finalized. The pay is within a dollar of what I was earning per hour after five years of being with my last bank and the job requires less stress and aggravation, plus it's just about at the level that I was at my last job. There are no benefits though the temp agency but I'm covered by my old employer for four months per the terms of my severance so that may not be an issue for another 12 weeks. I have to pray about it to see if I should take the offer. I like the job and the idea of it, the pay is close, and the hours will be the same, but I'm really starting to like being home with my kids and I don't know if I want to go back to work. I was really hoping that Aaron would find something before I heard back so that maybe I wouldn't have to go back but no such luck. So I guess I'll pray about it, and knit on my vest that I picked out to wear to this job that I'm not sure if I'll be taking, and see what happens from there.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How do you eat a whale?

I don't know if anyone read Shel Sylverstein as a child but he had a poem about eating a whale and it basically said, one bite at a time. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one and I'm sure it will add unnecessary stress to my life, but I've decided to finally join the Knitters Guild of America and I've signed up for Level 1 of their Master Knitters program. This is an intensive correspondence course that will have me knitting several samples and completing research, and a written paper. After mailing back my work it will be graded and returned to me if anything needs adjustment. I won't be able to move on to Level 2 until I have passed Level 1. I've wanted to do this for five years and since I was paid out for my unused PTO and the extra week of PTO that I was purchasing, I decided to use that little bit extra to do something about it. Now when people tell me all the time that I should be selling my knitting, I can tell them that I'm in the process of improving my skill set so that I can make that happen. I feel very confident that by the time I finish this course I will have the knowledge necessary to be able to design my own patterns and then I will be able to sell my knitting because I won't be in danger of copy right infringement. I'm really excited about this and I can't wait for my kit to arrive in the mail. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will arrive during my week break between terms at Kaplan and I can spend some uninterrupted time going over it.

Today for father's day, I made my husband and boy a meat loaf with mashed potato's and a salad. They were all really impressed with the meat loaf, which I made from "The Book" and he suggested that we institute "Meat loaf Monday", which would be fine except that I've gone vegetarian and I just don't think I could struggle with the delightful smell of meat loaf coming from my oven once a week. I don't even like meat loaf but for some reason today I've been missing meat. I'm eating plenty of protein between lentil's, beans, peanut butter, and hummus but when I made my kids hot dogs for lunch (at the request of my very cranky 3-year old) I really wanted one, and again I don't even like hot dogs. Maybe I was being a bit cocky about how easy this switch off of meat has been for me and now I'm feeling it, or smelling it to be exact. I think I need to pick up some fish this week and that might take the edge off.

The FLS is cruising right along. I'm half way through the last sleeve right now and I hope to have it blocked and on my back by tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest. Then I have another sweater on deck but I've been asked by my mom to knit a pair of socks for my Grandmother, and my FIL needs a pair too, so I think the next two projects are going to be socks. Maybe I'll use the worsted weight Louet Gems I just got for practically nothing to knit his socks so that I can get them done quickly. I don't think that he'll ever wear them out of the house in shoes anyway so they don't really need to fit in his shoes. And Grandma has wool sensitivities so I'll be breaking into the cotton stash that I've been building up for my mom's socks. I don't usually deal with cotton, but I've been picking it up every time I find it on sale so that I can make her a new pair of socks, only I haven't had time to sit down and do that. I guess I do now though, and I do have a new book coming that's chocked full of great sock patterns so I think it won't be hard to get myself back in the sock knitting frame of mind.