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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whiped out

Today was just like any other day, except the part where I slept on the couch for four hours, woke up feeling tired and weak, and forced myself to go to Sams club to buy a gift for a friend's wedding tomorrow and a large bottle of Iron. The cycles of my body are so unpredictable due to my IUD and now that I'm not eating meat I really feel it. I've never felt so weak or tired since I last gave birth and when I was in the store I started to feel hot and swayed a little bit. I've been good about getting protein, and now with a friend's advice I'm making sure that I eat enough carbs too so that I keep up my fuel and my blood sugar doesn't drop too low but I guess I'm still not getting enough iron even though I've been pretty good about varying my veggies. I'm hoping that the pills will kick in by tomorrow morning so I can be alert and peppy at church, and at my friend's wedding.

I'll need to eat before the wedding tomorrow. It's a really low key wedding in their Aunt's back yard with a cookout to follow and there will be the customary hot dogs and hamburgers. I'm not eating hot dogs or hamburgers now. I joked that I'll bring a Boca burger with me and ask them to throw it on the grill, and two of my friends suggested that I really should. I don't know how comfortable I feel about carrying veggie burgers around in my purse and then asking them to throw in on the grill but I might have to consider it. I'm already feeling weak and I don't think I can live on green salad and potato salad all day, lol.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This afternoon I picked The Boy up from his trip with the Ward to Palmyra for the pageant. I got him packed up Friday night and took him up to the church to drop him off bright and early yesterday complete with a lunch box full of snacks. I figured he'd have a good time hanging out with the other Young Men and families from the ward in New York and when I picked him up today I thought it all had gone just as I expected until we got in the car and I asked him about his trip. He loved the pageant, loved sleeping in the bunk beds in the cabin, and loved being in New York. What he didn't love was being called a "murderer" or reading signs that our church "is founded by the Devil" or that "astrology authenticated the Bible, not the Book of Mormon". Really... Does it make a person feel better about themselves to yell at a 12 year old boy and call him a murderer? And whom did we murder? How can someone claim that astrology authenticated the Bible and not the Book of Mormon? Last I checked (and I can certainly be wrong on this one, but last I checked) astrology was not condoned by any church, so...to me it's like saying "my Ouija board said the Bible was authentic but not the Book of Mormon"...of course it's not going to tell you that the Book of Mormon (the most correct book of scripture today) is correct. The adversary doesn't want that! And as for our church being "founded by the Devil", well the Bible says to turn the other cheek and to be Christ-like in our treatment of others. It doesn't tell us to yell at children through bullhorns and put terrible things on picket signs and threaten people. Our Bishop told one of the children (young adult really) who got very angry about it to calm down, and told everyone "just smile". That's the real Christian way. And what did my son get for smiling at his accusers? He got a grown man yelling at him "don't you smile at me." I guess those protesters really showed us who were the real Christians...