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Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's almost over

I've been silent for a while but I'm in the middle of finals for this term and it's taken every spare minute of my time. You can ask the ladies who haven't seen me in a few weeks at knitting night or other ward activities (and I'm a die-hard knitting night attendee).

So today I took my Algebra final, and it took me all of 4 hours to finish it. So what did I do after I finished that? I had a bowl of watermelons sherbet and then dove head first into another revision of my PowerPoint for my Honors Cognitive Psych class with my husband's help. He's lending me his eye for design and tweaking my PowerPoint so that it looks more polished. I've even had him time the slide transitions for me because after reading the material so often, I can speed-read right through and that doesn't really help any if the instructor has to keep going back to the previous slide because it's going to quickly. In the mean time, my house is cluttered with clean laundry and dirty dishes, and I'm really tired and didn't plan dinner for the week or buy it, and I just need to sleep for a few days. I'm really looking forward to my two weeks off and a much lighter course work load next term. It's gotta be easier after dealing with the amount of work I've had for Algebra this term. And after spending 4 hours on that final, I didn't even get to see my grade when I finished. I have to wait. That's just crap considering every other test I've taken with this program graded me instantly.

The job is becoming tolerable. I just hope it stays that way after they learn about my position next month at the team meeting. I guess that's going to be when it's announced because when I was being chewed for my internet usage, my boss let me know that she had intended to announce it then but didn't feel like she could right now. (And after all the fuss, the girls are online every day shopping for dresses or throw rugs, or reading odd news articles and I haven't touched it since so we'll have to see how things go from here...) I'm just praying about it, and I spent some time on it today (being fast Sunday and all) so I just have to turn it over now and see what gives. I'm hoping that I can show all the ways that I can improve on their daily routines and that will help. If not, I'll just live with it till Aaron gets working and then go back to full time student and house-wife. That'd give me time to use my brand new pasta machine!

The vest, she is in progress and looking lovely. I just need time to work on it and next week I'll be full time Ivy League Vest and see how far I can get. I might even have time to take a photo!