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Friday, October 16, 2009

Rhinebeck, here I come!

This is being typed right now as my partner in crime is driving home from work on the way to pick me up so we can leave for Rhinebeck oh my gosh I'm so excited that I seem to have forgotten where my punctuation keys are

I have the GPS, the camera, my phone with charger, travel toiletries, the Beetlejuice sock, my book for the book signing, two sweaters and the sexy vesty, two pairs of knitted socks and my boots, jeans, long sleeve t-shirts, snacks, makeup, cash, a Nalgen water bottle, and freshly waxed eyebrows with me. Most of my school work for this week is finished. My baby is fed and happy. (Stitches heeling nicely...I'll have to thrill you with the tale after Rhinebeck if I remember...remind me.) I'm feeling antsy and excited, and like I'll miss Alex because I haven't left him overnight before.

I have two mini-loaves of whole wheat bread that I bakes fresh yesterday, all sliced up and bagged for sandwiches. I got individual serving peanut-butter, dried pineapple, granola bars, and some travel packed tea and cocoa for back at the hotel. (I wonder if they have a microwave in the room?)

I packed my neck warmer and hand warmers, found my mittens and ear warmers, and my umbrella. I'll grab my winter coat on the way out. (That seems strange for mid-October.) I've packed and repacked my stuff about three times now. I'm sitting here with bouncy legs just waiting to hear from Heather so I can bolt, but worried about leaving Alex. He's really been a good boy today and I want to throw him in the car and take him with me (except that I would not be able to do any of the stuff I wanted to do and it's just too far for him to go). Thankfully, I'm not working right now so I can sit with him on the couch all day long on Monday if he wants to. I think I'll just call at night and check on him.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy happy, joy joy

I know this is supposed to be a knitting blog, and there should be pictures and projects and finished objects and stuff, but right now life is more than my knitting (a sad realization) and that's what I've been feeling the need to write about. So that being said...today was a really great day!! I had a friend's little boy over to babysit for a few hours and it was so much fun for Alex. He loves playing with his friend (even if he still doesn't share very well) and they had a great time watching PBS and playing with Alex's toys. Just as I was getting them both settled in for lunch, Mom came to get him and I was a little sad that she'd gotten back so fast. I was looking forward to seeing how excited he was about having dinosaur sandwiches with Alex.

Later, we all got in the car and went up the Lincoln to pick up Dante's other prescription. Then it was off to Sam's Club for milk and lunch meat, which turned into a $60 trip (as these things usually do). We got home and Dante produced his progress report which was excellent! Every class shows his behavior, effort, and grades as good-excellent, and his math grade at the half way point is 75%! Not bad considering he shouldn't have passed math last year. My friend Melissa (who tutored him this summer) gets all the credit. I had him call her and leave her a message letting her know that he did so well, because I thought she'd like that. I have a meeting on the 23rd with his teachers and I'm feeling much better about the way everything is going so far.

Class started today for me. My biology class has video lectures and the text, but the text is really just a supplement to the lectures and chapter 1 was only five pages so I was able to get caught up on the reading right away. I'll even be able to make it to knitting on the weeks when it falls on a Thursday because my seminar is from 7-8pm, and knitting is at 8. This is a far cry better than last term when I thought I'd never survive. And to add to my excitement...I got a call from a wonderful gentleman from the State of RI dept of labor and training, informing me that he's processed my claim for unemployment and I can file a claim on Sunday so there's going to be no interruption in my pay. I was so excited that I could have jumped up and down (if my back could have taken it). Now I can look for a better job, and concentrate on school and getting my boys settled. Maybe I'll even get lucky and Aaron will find something before my benefits run out and I can stay home till I finish school!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On procrastination and lunacy

Today I went out and tried to pick up Dante's prescription only to find out that I couldn't do that because I forgot to call Rite Share and let them know that I don't have a primary care insurance anymore. I called them for an hour and a half before I was finally able to get through (apparently, the State of RI can just leave their out of office message on until after noon the day after a holiday, thereby extending the holiday). After I got a hold of a person, I was told that it would take 24 hours to update so I'm still without meds for Dante until tomorrow...afternoon. I picked up groceries for this weeks dinners, and tried to get my Adecco office to fax something to my managers office stating that I've been laid off but apparently they can't do that because of some corporate policy. They won't accept anything by mail either. My office has to call their company income verification line, only they won't call anyone because they can't verify who they're speaking to so that leaves me hanging in limbo. I called the managers office and told them that Adecco won't deal so they must call, and now I have to follow up with them tomorrow to see what they plan on doing. I also called the pediatrician's office to let them know that I never received the 18mg script and they put one out for me today, which I'll pick up tomorrow because I can't get his meds till then anyway and that way I don't have to worry about driving all the way up to Lincoln only to find out that my doctor hasn't had a chance to sign it. I let the school know that he's without medication (he's testing so they need to be aware in case they need to allow him to take his tests in the resource room). I had an appointment with the school today, which should have been the only one other than the review of the IEP, but it turned out that I only got to meet with his guidance counselor and it seems as though they didn't remember that I had a scheduled appointment because she squeezed me in for about 10 minutes before having to kick me out because one of the kids was testing in her office. Good thing I'm not working, because I told them that I couldn't afford to take time away from work to attend multiple meetings this year. So if Aaron can get that part time job, and I get my unemployment again, I'll be in a good place to get his schooling on track.

So most of the above was the lunacy, and I should be reading my Biology book and trying to finish the Ivy league Vest for Friday but instead I'm randomly surfing the web, catching up on my bloglines reading, and watching Cars with Alex. But I did get my dishes done...all my dishes. Now I'm planning to bake some pumpkin shaped sugar cookies and put orange sprinkles on them because I saw those in the market and wanted them but realized that I had everything at home already to bake them and that I could save some money, which is important when I haven't got my unemployment paperwork yet and I'm not sure if I'll get it again. We do have a small cushion, and my trip is being funded by a check that I got from Sovereign a month or so ago from the proceeds of my employee stock purchase plan (which I didn't know I was enrolled in) so that won't touch the house money. Speaking of my trip, I need to figure out my snacks and get them together. I'll probably bring some pumpkin muffins and I have plans to pack some of the pumpkin cookies, but I need something more than sweets to keep me going if there's nothing sans-meat at the fairgrounds. Thankfully, breakfast is easy and I can probably find something for dinner at one of the local restaurants, so that just leaves lunch at the fair. Maybe there'll be a Domino's Pizza near by.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Slightly used kids for sale

Boy, I'm really feeling the consequences of being away at work for 10 weeks. Alex is growing more defiant every day (a product of being 3) and Dante decided tonight that he couldn't sleep so it would be okay to play his DS in bed until I heard him giggling at 10pm. He has school and NCAP testing tomorrow, plus he's out of meds. I called in for his prescription a week ago and I have it but I didn't look at it because I didn't need it yet but I when I did today, I found that it was only one of the two prescriptions that he takes. It's only 27mgs and he takes 45 mgs (in two pills because they don't make one at 45 mgs) so tomorrow, even when he gets his pills, it won't be the correct dose. So I took the DS away and I don't think I'm giving it back till the end of the year.

I had to go get a nap today and I slept for 4 hours. I'm just really tired from all the nonsense and I don't have much patience for my boys today. I need to clean my house, plan meals for the week and do some shopping, and my Dracula: Prince of Darkness DVD skipped right through the last two chapters of the movie so I couldn't see them kill Christopher Lee off!! My allergies kicked in this weekend and I have to buy some Zyrtec so that I can make it through the weekend surrounded by animals and hay and other non-familiar pollens and plants.

I finished Dan Brown's newest book The Lost Symbol and I enjoyed it over all but I think I'm not fully satisfied with the ending. There was definitely a twist at the end that I didn't see coming until right before they revealed it, which was good, but I thought that one part relating to the main character was a little far fetched, but I ran with it (without giving away any details for people reading that book). Now, after I go to UPS and throw a fit about how I still don't have my text book even though I spoke to them just under a week ago about redelivering it because my address was indeed correct, I will start reading chapter 1 for my class starting on Thursday. Biology... this should be fun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The second scariest day of my life

To continue with my tough day or two, Alex really had a hard time in nursery today and he got tossed out three times. I put him in the corner twice. So after a rough day trying to plan how things out so Rachel can survive without us for her first ever sharing time, I went to my in-laws so that I could tell my MIL about my assignment being ended. Things were fine until it was time to go home and Alex was going down their stairs with Dante when he decided to break free from Dante and try to run down the stairs...which results in him falling down 8 steps and landing in a heap at the bottom. It was the worst sound I've ever heard and I jumped up and ran down to find him screaming and Dante trying to help him up. I had to holler at Dante to keep him from trying to pick Alex up until I could get an idea if his neck or back was hurt, and then I picked him up and took him back up stairs to check over the damage. I was really ticked off that my father-in-law who was sitting on the couch right next to the base of the stairs didn't get up at all to see if Alex was alright...not until I'd already gotten down the stairs and picked him up. I called his pediatrician and he said that it sounded like Alex is fine. The stairs are carpeted and there wasn't any swelling, bruising, confusion, loss of range-of-motion, or anything out of character for Alex so I could just watch him but he was most likely fine. And he is fine. But I'm not so fine. I was just so scared and the only time I've been this scared was when Dante's day care told my husband that I had already picked him up when I hadn't, because they hadn't bothered to check the kids against their roll.

On much more fun topics, I've chosen my pattern to shop for at Rhinebeck... Oblique. I'll be shopping for 1200 yds of aran weight yarn, preferably a wool-alpaca blend like the called for yarn. I'm also planning on some roving since I'm taking a spinning class, but not too much. just enough to knit a pair of hand warmers or something. And there's going to be some book signings, and my class, and a chance to knit on the worlds longest scarf, and The Big Sock, along with the Ravelry meet-ups going on. So. Much. Fun. Now my only worry is whether or not the fair will have any vegetarian-friendly foods as I gather that I won't be able to bring food in with me.