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Friday, January 15, 2010

Belated celebration, and Sock War

So, it turns out that I recently wrote my 100th blog post and forgot all about it. I have a talent for just skipping right over significant milestones with barely a passing glance. Case in point? I hardly blinked with I turned 30. I barely registered my five year anniversary at my old job. The only reason I noticed it at all was that I got to go to their website to choose a gift (a pretty little ring that I don't even wear anymore...). Now I look back and see that in just under two weeks, I'll be celebrating my two year anniversary on Ravelry (Jan 25th) so I should probably come up with some cool way to celebrate that. I'll have to see what I can do, considering I've got so much work to do, and today at 8pm EST war will be declared in the sock knitting universe. I'll get my selection of patterns to choose from, and I'll be off and running.

I almost have a finished object to show you, but I'm in the process of casting it off right now and I really need to be reading the work so that I can reply to the discussion posts in class before 8pm tonight. I really want to be all set to just knit socks, but it doesn't look like that's going to be the way it works out. But as soon as it's off the needles and blocked, I'll be sporting the Springtime in Philadelphia tam which matches my winter scarf exactly (because it's Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River...the same colorway as my scarf). I have one skein left and I plan to knit a pair of hand warmers with some matching mitten tops from the true-red Cascade 220 in the shop. But all this will have to wait until after "I kill or be killed" in Sock Wars.

Speaking of plans for after The War is over, looks like I'll have the pleasure of test knitting a new pattern from Wrypunster! She's designed a really cute vest called "as yet unnamed" (and you know that's my garment of choice lately) and has put out the call for test knitters. It should be ready in about two weeks, and I'll be ready by then I'm sure.

Dante and I made dinner yesterday, and it was outstanding! I highly recommend the Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals for Kids book. Rachel's two for two so far. The recipes aren't very complicated but pack tons of flavor. I helped him with this one because it came from the 14-16 year old section. We had the Tomato, Basil, and Pesto Pasta dish. More than half of it was gone by the time dinner was over. Check it out if you want a new list of easy, tasty meals.

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