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Friday, January 29, 2010

Biting off more than I can chew...a normal state of being.

I've got this huge paper due, and tons of reading, but I'm exhausted from last night and I really need a nap so I'm not capable of really doing any critical thinking at the moment. I spent 45 minutes writing and re-writing my post because what I wanted to say just wouldn't come out in an way that made any real sense (and thank goodness for spell check because I'm past the ability to spell too). I can't get the ideas for my paper to come together but I have the barest of bare-bones down for that. It's a place to start I guess. I'm trying to do the reading for my Child Development class now, but I can only afford to read the small section relating to my discussion board question right now (rather than the assigned 60+ pages), and I can't do even that without frequent breaks or I'll start to nod off. That's not going to work when Alex is up. I'm counting the hour and 30 minutes until his bedtime when I can take a nap. Then I'll try again.

My fatigue showed itself again today in my knitting. I had to rip back the entire two days worth of knitting on the shop sample because I had added increases where there were no increases, and the whole thing was a mess. There was no fixing it...it was all the way back to the first four rows. I'll wait until after my nap to try again, and maybe it will be quiet enough in the shop tomorrow so that I can work on it there.

I registered for next term's classes and I finally reached some electives so this was completely up to me. I thought I'd gone in and selected the courses I wanted to take earlier, but they were all gone. So I worked with the adviser and ended up selecting:
  • Educational Development of School-Age Students Mondays 8:00 PM, and
  • Abnormal Psychology Thursdays 9:00 PM
The Abnormal Psych is a 6 unit course rather than a 5 unit course so it's going to be harder. I'm not scheduled to take a 6 unit course until next school year, but it's one of the only classes I was interested in that did not have prerequisites that I have not already met. The other classes are geared toward people who want to be teachers (which applied to me when I started school, but not anymore). I really want to get in the courses that relate more to special needs, and development. I think it's time for me to revisit O*Net and see if there is a specific job title for what I want to do with this degree, assuming that I use it...I'm leaning towards knitting for a living (stop laughing...people do it!), lol. So it looks like next term is not going to be any easier than this term but at least there's no math or biology.

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