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Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog for Choice Day 2010

In honor of Dr. George Tiller, who often wore a button that simply read, "Trust Women," this year's Blog for Choice question is: What does Trust Women mean to you?

For me it’s simple. My religious beliefs tell me that my Heavenly Father sent me here to make choices, and that they weren’t all going to be easy ones. I understand that I knew going in what I would be asked to do in this life, and that I was promised the free will to make decisions for myself, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to assist me. This knowledge tells me that my Heavenly Father trusts his children…a great number of which are women…and that if he trust women to make the right choices then my government should too. The choices that I make are between God, and myself and His opinion is the only one that really matters. He is the one I have to be able to look in the eye come judgment day. I know that ending life is not the right choice for me personally, but I want the choice. How can I come to this world and make the decisions that can lead me back to the presence of my Heavenly Father if the choices are taken away from me? So for me the answer is simple. I’m pro-choice, and my choice is life. Now, lets trust other women to make the choices that are best for them.


  1. Well said. Thank you for speaking out, especially as someone who obviously has a strong belief in God. There are too many who flaunt their belief in God as the only way anyone can believe. Trust Women.

  2. I love the way you put this! Especially "I'm pro-choice and my choice is life." That's exactly how I feel.