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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Springtime in Philadelphia

First, I'm really excited to show our brand new microwave. As many of you know, we've been dealing with our old one that needed to be replaced for well over a year, and it was finally time thanks to the living expense check I received from my school. Now I can heat things without a power failure every time I go to use the microwave.

Now, moving on. Yesterday I didn't knit a thing but I did do some finishing on a project that I'm pretty excited about. I finished my Springtime in Philadelphia tam and I took some halfway decent photos for the blog. Keep in mind that I didn't have time to get all made up or to do anything with my hair...and just try to look only at the hat, lol. It took less than one skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot, and I blocked it on one of my dinner plates last night after a good soak in the bathroom sink (this yarn bleeds a lot, so never knit it with white unless you want that white yarn to turn pink). I could have used a bigger plate and it would have been even slouchier, but I think that it's going to work out fine. I really enjoyed knitting this and never once thought about working on another project while I had it on the needles. As a matter of fact, I really was looking forward to getting back to it after I finished the sock for my first round of Sock Wars.

Speaking of Sock Wars...as of yesterday's mail I am still alive. We'll have to see what happens when today's mail runs. Now! I'm off to do some school work...assuming I can keep my attention focused for more than five minutes at a time. Oh, and before I forget, Alex pooped in the potty yesterday and then proclaimed "Now I can have Spencer." So I had Aaron pick it up when he was getting the microwave and Alex found him when he woke up this morning. Everything that isn't Thomas related has been forgotten for the time being.

Update: so I opened my back door to take something out...and it was there. My socks of death. I'm dead folks. You are reading the words of a knitting zombie. I got a beautiful pair of red socks, two bars of chocolate to lessen the blow, a post card from Madison, WI and a project bag from The Sow's Ear, my assassin's favorite local yarn shop. Not bad for being dead :) Now I'm on a mission to knit a new pair of alpaca socks for my mom.

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