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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weapons of Minimal Destruction

I present to you "Ribbons of Valor" knit in a limited edition yarn: Sheep Shop Yarn Co.'s Skinny Feet. I have no idea what color this is because it never had a tag on it, but the color is acid green/navy blue. The yarn turns into a really soft sock after it's washed, but I didn't have time to fully soak it and wash them so I steam-blocked them on my sock blockers to give them a shape, and tossed them into a box with the leftovers (minus the knife). I drove them to the post office today and sent them by 2-3 day mail with delivery confirmation. Now I just have to check my own mail every day and hope that I don't receive socks of my own. If I live long enough, my target "Dore" has to mail her socks to me in what ever state of completion they happen to be, and I finish them and kill off her target with them.

I've lived long enough to get a pair finished and kill off at least one target. It took four days of being up till 2-3am and constant knitting. I started another pattern that ended up being too big and I had to abandon them after five hours of knitting. I hated the pattern within a few rows but I couldn't risk losing that kind of knitting time until I had a valid reason. Thankfully, many of the other sock warriors on Ravelry also had issues with this pattern and had to start over. I did enough damage to my hands by the time I realized that I had to start over that it really didn't matter that I'd changed patterns. I've already had to ice my left wrist and elbow twice now and I'm looking forward to no knitting at all until I get Dore's socks back in the mail. I need the break and I have dishes and school work and dinners that need to be made. I also have a shop sample to knit soon. If I don't have the other socks in the next few days, I'll start on the sample to exercise some other muscles in my hand and forearms till I have to start on socks again. So...look for some actual posting for the next few days until the next battle breaks out.

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