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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yarn, Yarn, and more Yarn!

Today, I bought yarn. Lots of yarn. I bought two skeins of Handpainted Cascade 220 in a beautiful sunny yellow for a friend's baby-to-be's Baby Surprise Jacket, and Red Cascade 220 for mitten tops to go with the hand warmers I plan to knit in Mountain Colors Bearfoot (Ruby River of course), to go with the hat I knit, to go with the scarf I know. I bought two balls of Frog Tree Alpaca for socks for my mom (one in red and one in a beautiful berry/purple). I bought three skeins of Ultra Alpaca Fine for a sweater in my Ravelry que. I bought a skein of Marisol Hacho for new mittens for Alex, to replace the ones he has now which will not fit by next week (in the same color...shade 305- yellow, green, brown. If you've ever seen his mittens, you know the ones). I brought home five balls of Queensland Rustic Wool in green for a shop sample that I'm going to knit. Somewhere in the next few months (not including the Ravelympics) I'll be trying to knit all of these things up because I really want every one of them. I think they'll need to be knit in the order of importance, which means that Alex's mittens will need to be first, even though I started my mom's new socks first. Good news is that I finished the yellow socks that were to be my Grandmother's but are now my mom's, and I'll be blocking them and getting a decent photo soon (I hope).

This is really a run-by-posting because I have yarn screaming at me, and I must obey. I have to teach the Sunbeams tomorrow (pray for me), and I have sharing time next week, and I have quite a lot of school work in both classes next week, and I'm almost four weeks into a 10 week term and haven't been able to find time to give more than a passing glance at my final project requirements, and I think I might burst into flame any minute... I'll be in the corner with wool.

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