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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

about stuff in general...

This is a photo of Alex from last Wednesday, which was his 'first day of school' (or more like his first of three days of school, but who's counting...)  You notice that he's posing with Thomas.  He asked me to take this photo, and put a great deal of thought into it, lol.

Anyway, before I go into work today I figured I'd give a quick update.  I have my grade back for my final project in my History of Psychology class and I finally got a perfect score!  Every paper I turned in this term has lost a few points for APA format errors, but I nailed this one!  She was impressed with my honor's portion of the project as well.  These projects were seriously challenging!  It took two weeks for me to finish them all (there were four between my two classes).  I should know in a day or so about the other class (which I'm a little concerned about...I think I misunderstood the directions, even thought I asked clarifying questions in class...) and I'll update again.

In knitting news, I'm four balls into the new shop sample project.  I've finished the top section and I'm close to working the linen stitch waist section.  Then it should be pretty simple, just knitting in the round, probably with a little shaping.  These sleeves are seriously too short for me, but maybe they'll lengthen a bit after blocking.  Either way, it'll be fine because kimono's look nice with shorter sleeves.
I also reclaimed two skeins of Cascade 220 in Olive Heather that I used to knit the Incognito cowls for the boys.  They both liked the cowls, but said that they were 'itchy' so they sat there unloved and unused for months.  I decided that I could find something better to do with that yarn (I love Cascade 220) so I ripped it back, wound the yarn around my arm and tied it off, soaked it in wool wash to remove the kinks, let it dry, and now it's waiting to be knit into something else.

Now, off to get ready for a day of playing with yarn :)

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