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Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Babies" the movie

Some of you may know this, but if you don't...now you do.  I'm an agent with Buzz Agent and I sometimes get to try new things before they hit the market, or as they're just being introduced, and share these things with my friends.  The only catch to this fabulous deal is that I report back to Buzz exactly what the opinions of my friends were related to the project.  If they loved it, I tell them.  If they hated it, I tell them (along with why).  That's it! 

So recently I was given a chance to look at some promotional materials for a new movie Babies, and I took a quick look at it until I could get back to it.  The basic idea of the film is a documentary following four children from different cultural background from birth through two years old.  These are some of the cutest darned babies I've seen in a while, and that was about as far as I got.  Today I looked at some of the photos and just fell back in love with these kids (if you can see the photo, this is Bayar from Mongolia). 

I'm pretty interested in watching this film just from a child development standpoint.  I've been studying that the last two terms, and off and on in my various psychology classes, and I'm looking forward to seeing what aspects of childhood are universal and what are diverse.  Sometimes as parents we worry about our children not having the latest, newest, biggest and bestest "thing" available, but at least two of these families are from very rural backgrounds and their children are just as happy, maybe more because they have love and the simple things in life.  I think that the drive for the shiny new toys leaves us feeling empty inside, which is one of the things that church talks to us about on a regular basis.  The things that are important are family, and friendships, not brand new iPods and expensive sneakers.  Those things don't truly make us happy.  So anyway...the film...from what I can glean from the trailers and promotional materials I've had access to, that's what this film is about...love, family, happiness.  Check it out if you have a chance.

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