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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yet another (no-longer) photoless blog post (sigh)

Sometimes I really wonder why you guys even read this thing, lol.  I never remember to take photos of finished objects, and then it takes far too long to actually add them to blog posts because I never remember about it until the kids are in bed and my husband is on X-box live... you know where this is going.

Recently I finished two samples for the shop; the J. Knits Softee Alpaca Handwarmers, and the Trekking Handart socks in Devon by Cookie A (my all-time favorite sock designer).  I'll be taking pics of the sock on the leg at work and I'll get them updated stat!  That goes for the hand-warmers.

 Update: here's the promised photos of the hand-warmers.

Here are the socks! 

I did finish the dish cloths.  Here's a few:
 These are three of the eight that I made.  They were a ton of fun, and they worked up fast.  Next time, I'll use cotton with less shine, but over all I'm pleased.
Now, I'm knitting a pair of stockings from The Opinionated Knitter, by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I really love them and I hope to get them back soon.  I'll be making another pair with some machine washable worsted weight yarn...maybe some Cascade 220 superwash in white and the pink I bought a while ago, or maybe that pink will be another pair of knee-highs and I'll get another skein of their hand-painted yarn for fun (like I need any more yarn, lol).  Stay tuned for more photos.

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  1. Those dish cloths do look fun and cute!