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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Knitted Flowers

Yesterday I wrote about the Knitted Flowers book by Nicky Epstein.  Today I knit these little beauties up in a heartbeat.  They're just so fast and so cute that It's hard not to knit my way through the book in no time flat, not to mention that my favorite project of all time from Interweave Magazine (a back issue from a million years ago), the felted flower tote is in this book.  The red one is on a safety pin and stuck to my sweater.  I finished this little baby up in church today (I know, knitting in church).  The red yarn is left over Tonos Worsted from the red kimono style sweater I knit for the shop.  The leaves are Cascade 220 Heathers in olive.  The other two are left over Berroco Touche from my dish cloths.  I may have made the pink rose a bit larger than it was supposed to be.  That's what I get for not checking on the recommended needle size, lol.  The white one is a cabbage rose and I had a hard time twisting it into the perfect shape, so this is the best I could get it.
As you see here, I uploaded the promised shot of my hand sewn zipper.  Maybe I'll get a shot of me wearing it for you :)  Now, I have to go finish knitting the stocking sample so that I can get working on Alex's robots.  He's very excited about them.
How stinkin' cute are they!?  And they match his bed n' everything :)

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