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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No more chipped teeth

Alex is a happy boy.  We went early this morning to Our Lady of Fatima Hospital (in North Providence) and he got his two front teeth capped.  They had to put him out to do it, and it was really tough to watch him go under the anesthesia.  I stayed with him until he went under, and then the nurse helped me back to the waiting room, where I worried and prayed and cried, and knit the entire front piece of a doll-sized sweater for the Great-nephew.  When he was finally done (four hours later!) they brought me into the room to stay with him until he woke up, and then to hold him until he became alert.  He got two pop-sickles and some ice chips, and then we watched Pinocchio until he was ready to go home.  I stopped at IHOP on the way home to get him some pancakes and juice, and then we went home where I promptly fell asleep on the couch for a few hours before I had to get up again and take Dante to the counselor's office.  Aaron has decreed that my bed-time tonight is 10:30pm, so I guess I won't be staying up very late tonight, lol. 

I have my final projects due next Tuesday and I started working on them, but as usual the child development project is slow-going.  I'm sure it will be fine in the end...it usually is, but all I want to do right now is knit preemie clothes and watch t.v.  I've organized my stash a bit, and filled a second 3-drawer, stackable clear organizer in the process.  I still have yarn that needs to be organized and put away (so I probably need another drawer set), and my basked on the top of the book shelf is now chock full of Pallet (I had no idea how much I had!), and I can now see that I really need to knit the yarn that I have because I don't have room for anymore in here.  So, given this reality check, I'm going to try to knit from my stash and make some room.  I won't be buying any more yarn unless it's for a specific project that I've been commissioned to knit, or it's for a shop sample.  Any personal knitting has to come from my stash for a little while until I can make some room.  Let's see how long this last for :)

PS- the photos are of my last shop sample, the knitted stocking by Elizabeth Zimmerman from the Opinionated Knitter in Baby Alpaka.

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