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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zippers and Robots (zippered robots??)...

I'm super excited to announce that today I put in my first ever zipper!  I sewed in a zipper to my trusty-everyday-red sweater, and it came out beautiful.  I got a 22" coat zipper from wal-mart, and some matching thread, and went into work today with pins and stuff, and it took most of the afternoon, but when it was done it was WORTH IT!  My sweater is finally fully functional and warm in the wind and it fits well but I could never really tell because I couldn't close the darn thing up.  (Per usual, photos will come later after X-box live.)

I received my latest order from Knit-picks.  The robot kit arrived and it's super cute.  Alex was very excited!  I also ordered the Knitter Flowers book by Nikki Epstein and some beautiful yellow and gold hanks of sock yarn (because I was only 25 bucks away from free shipping!).  Ditto here on the photos.  So what really happened was I was searching for the robot kit and I decided to look for this particular book because Heather (from church) was wearing the prettiest rose pin and I really wanted one too (because I'm not too proud to steal fashion from my friends).  So I decided to buy the entire book just for this one flower, and to reach free shipping.  I may have also bought the Knitwear Design Workshop book by Shirley Paden two or three days later because Interweave sent me an email that the $40 book was now 40% off, and I went to buy it for $24.95 which is a darn good price, only they tried to turn around and charge me $11.95 for shipping (what!!??) so I decided not to buy it, but then Knit-picks sent me an email the next day so I may have went looking for the book just to see if they had a similar price (which they did) and then I may have decided to put it in my cart and check out to see how much they would charge me for shipping, and they might have only wanted $3 for shipping...so I guess I bought it.  Anyway, it'll be here in a few days and it'll sit on a shelf for a few weeks until after my classes are over and then I'll read through it for some great advise on design and proper fit.  I think I'm going to be a designer one day (if I can ever get some great ideas on my own, lol).

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