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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby shower gifts

I'm going to a baby shower for my cousin-in-law today, and even though I didn't get the Sleepy Monkey Blanket finished on time, I did manage to whip up three pairs of super cute booties, and a seed-stitch bunny with removable dress for the baby-to-be.  I'll finish the blanket, and present it after she's born.  Take a peek:
Baby Cashmerino booties with flowers knit in lace-weight alpaca
Baby Cashmerino Saartje's booties with mother-of-pearl buttons
so tiny!
Baby Cashmerino 'Sandals' with mother-of-pearl buttons
Baby Cashmerino bunny with removable pink dress
The perfect gift for a little girl :)

Alex has stressed me for the second time in a week, narrowly avoiding stitches in his right eye on Wednesday and almost poisoning himself today when he found a way to get into my purse and get out my tin with the pain killers and band-aids.  He took some of my Aleve, and I had to call poison control to see if I had another emergency on my hands or not (turns out not...they have to take 15+ to be in danger).  I'm a nervous wreck right now and I'm trying to force him to eat his lunch before going to the baby shower (he's pretty much stopped eating lunch since he started taking his iron).  I need a nap, and a break from the kids.  It is Sunday yet?

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