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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dial M for Murder...mini-sock, that is

Do murder and calm go together?!
Yesterday, the first of the Super Sock Scarefest patterns hit.  It was a bonus pattern; a mini-sock designed around the movie Dial M for Murder.  The sock has little telephones and the letter 'M' on the heel flap.  It's totally cute and tiny, and now that I've finished it i have no idea how to stop the mayhem (or what to do with a mini-sock, lol).  Here you can see that the sock was caught in the act, on the scene of a murder (doesn't The Boy do a great job of playing dead?, lol).

It's knit with Lang Jawoll in red, some Knit Picks Risata in black, and some Knit Picks Bare in white.  The pattern calls for 2.0mm needles (I used a 40" circular in the magic loop).  This pattern literally uses up scraps of yarn.  I hardly made a dent in my balls of yarn, and oddly enough I had every color called for in my stash.  I guess that's what comes from being a total sock addict for several years.
Murder and calm...  Calm and murder... Murder?!

I did most of my knitting on this while I was in the shop yesterday covering the early part of the day for my buddy who's apartment complex decided that they needed to do an inspection anywhere between 9am-noon, and then never showed up during that time, lol.  Just like the cable company.  Alex was fantastic (no sitter so he was with me) and he played with my DS all day.  He seemed to really like the cover as well.  This is one of the reasons that I love this boy... he loves my knitting, loves yarn, likes to play with it, and he'll wear what I knit for him.  He sometimes even makes requests.  maybe I'll be able to pass on my love of knitting to one of my kids after all :)

Calver, what are you doing here?  Your dead!
Well I'm off to get ready to leave.  I'm finally getting up to the temple today.  It's been almost 18 months since I had my recommend renewed and I just never got up  there.  There's no good excuse, I just always had to work or I had sitter issues, or husband issues.  But today I'm canceling everything and going with the ladies from the Relief Society.  Looking forward to getting inside, taking a deep breath, and forgetting the outside world for a few hours.

Oh, and by the way, the quotes under the photos?...  Guess what movie they're from and there's a set of stitch markers made by yours truly in it for ya.

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  1. I knew I recognized the quotes, but I had to look them up, so I won't spoil it. My mom loves that movie and we watched it a lot when I was growing up.